Tuesday, October 10, 2006

You guys are way too organized

Lord have mercy ... post-it notes, dated versions, file folders. Yikes. I'm starting to feel a bit paranoid. I have 2 versions: the original and the one I'm working on. I tried doing the "keep versions by year" thing but it got too confusing. I decided to bite the bullet and make the version I'm working on THE version.

Of course, I just had an editor ask for a revision that includes things I removed at the last go-round. I'll have to root around and find that copy. I'm sure I have it on a backup disk.

See, that's where I've probably got youse guys beat. I'm a backup fiend. I make backups of my backups. I've got backups on flash drives, memory sticks, Palm Pilot(s), handhelds, and that's not counting the "Real Backup" which I make and stick in the desk at work in case my house burns down.

So one of those will have the version I want. I just check the timestamp in the file and I'll find it.

I hope.

And speaking of squirrels: the ones in our neighborhood have figured out this path: scamper down the oak tree, LEAP WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT to the chestnut tree, scurry up it to the Colorado blue spruce, race AS FAST AS YOU CAN to the farther leap and FLY FLY FLY to the deck to scamper over, peer in the window at the odd humans sitting in the toasty warm living room then swarm over the railing and ONTO THE BIRD FEEDER where you can drill holes in the side of the cheesy plastic and EAT TO YOUR HEART'S CONTENT.

Yes, they did that while we were out of town. Came home and found the bird feeder empty. And that's a BIG birdfeeder and those finches are tiny birds. We then saw a squirrel do his routine and gorge himself on the few remaining seeds.

Back to the drawing board. Top and bottom baffles, greased poles, and trimmed branches. Of course, once it snows, the drifts will be high enough to let the critters climb with impunity just about anywhere.

Did I mention it's supposed to snow tonight?

Back to the drawing board, take 2.

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