Sunday, October 22, 2006

Where is your inspiration spot?

I was out of town this weekend with some writing friends. We went to a local casino, did a bit of gambling, and brainstormed like crazy people.

I usually swim on Sunday at the gym. I get up REALLY early and often get there when nobody else is there, so it's nice -- I've got the pool to myself. I get a lot of plot points resolved, character arcs plotted, etc.

So I went to the casino's pool when we were there for my usual swim (on Saturday and Sunday). I had it to myself on Saturday but this morning at 6:15 there were 7 other people in the pool -- go figure. To their credit, they stayed out of my way as I did laps and hung out in the spa until I got out, then they swarmed the pool. Anyway, I managed to come up with a couple of book titles for my friends and some killer opening lines. One of my friends joked, "I'll be sure to mail you my sticky plot points on Saturday night so I can get your feedback on Sunday".

I find the mechanical motion of exercise to be very useful when I'm plotting, writing, etc. I always carry a memo pad or digital recorder when I'm out walking or at the gym in case I need to note something (and I always do). I find it's easier to get in my exercise with this in mind. It doesn't feel like wasted time. Since I try to exercise every day (but usually only do it 5 days a week) I find it really helps my writing.

So where's your inspiration spot? What helps jump-start your creative process?


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