Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Day I O.D.'d on Romance...

Not feeling well, I read three Barbara Cartland's books in one afternoon...I overdosed on took me a month to overcome and read romance again.

I got to thinking why I read romance and I think the reason is that the stories are so wonderful. When you read a man's book, and they get to the romantic stuff, it's not there. They just 'do' the deed. There is generally no sexual tension, no deep longing for the other person, no 'feelings' about the sexual relationship between the two characters. Makes you wonder about men and their thought processes.

I love to read. As a kid, nothing was safe. I read so voraciously that I went through every book that our extremely small library had in my age group. Pollyanna, with it's slight pink fuzzy cover. Toby Tyler at the Circus was another favorite, and both those books were thick. Lois Lenski was my favorite author, she took me to worlds beyond my experience, with kids who were struggling through life, and came out stronger individuals at the end. Strawberry Girl and Indian Captive come to mind, and it's been a long time since those books came out.

I remember the day that I picked up The Diary of Anne Frank. A slim black volume, it was nestled on a shelf above my usual reading material, and I'd read all of those books. I pulled it out and brought it to the front desk. The librarian looked me over. I was in there often enough so she knew me, though we never talked. As a kid, I knew that librarys were supposed to be quiet, so when she asked my my age, I was startled. "Eleven." She looked me up and down again, then stamped the book and handed it to me. It wasn't until I was fifteen and read the book again in high school that I realized why...a young girl's feelings about her sexual awakening went over my head at eleven, but stayed with me at fifteen. No wonder she hesitated. It was the fifties, and life was different then.

Like Angela, I have tons of books to be read in my house. I can't go to the market without checking out the book aisle. And I have way too many friends who write! There were three books out by authors I know yesterday, and yes, I picked up the books.

Plus, I'm a craft bookaholic. I like to read about the craft of writing and how I can put the information in there to use. One of my favorites is Christopher Vogler's 'The Writer's Journey,' I just purchased Janet Evanovich's book, 'How I Write,' which I haven't opened yet.

So yes, I read. Hopefully, I always will, and when I can't physically read anymore, there's always books on tape.

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