Monday, October 02, 2006

Why do I blog?

I've been thinking about this question for a couple of days, and my answer is two-fold. First off, I'm a scribbler from way back. I was the kid that actually used those childhood diaries. I faithfully filled those pages with my wishes, heartaches, and accomplishments. As I grew up, I transferred that scribbling fervor to letter writing so that I could keep in touch with friends and family. My father would write to me of the troubles he was having with the squirrels who took one bite out of each pear on the tree and threw it to the ground. I learned more about who he was in those pages than he ever imagined, which leads me to my second reason why I blog. I want people to get to know who I am, and it seems to me blogging is today's diary and letter rolled into one format.
And while we're talking about the past, I'll confess to a bit of deception. My young cousin and I used to make up love letters to his mother, who was a widow, and mail them to her, from her "Secret Admirer." My cousin intuited that his mother would recognize his boyish handwriting, so I wrote all the letters telling her how beautiful and nice she was. I'm sure she caught on right away that my pencilled scribbles on her personal stationery weren't from a Secret Admirer, but I believe the ruse gave each of us an inner smile that long ago summer.
So that's why I blog. I love to write and I want to make you smile. And hopefully, I have something to say that will interest you, my internet friends.
Until next time, Maggie Toussaint

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J L said...

Do you ever go back and read your diaries?

I used to be a great journalist until I realized I never went back and looked at the damn things. I spent a lot of time faithfully recording info that I never looked at again.

So now I content myself with recording important events on my Palm, and revisit them once a year when they show up as an anniversary (like, "Eric Clapton concert, showered by broken glass, 2006"). I attach a little note to the reminder and that has to suffice as my diary.

Of course, a lot of events from my life appear in my writing, so that's like a diary. Sort of. Kind of an exaggerated diary.

Now that I think of it, not so exaggerated ... hmmm....