Friday, October 27, 2006

Real life romance

It was my wedding anniversary this week.
And oh, did I get a surprise! My husband had booked a few days away in a luxury hotel in Llandudno, Wales.
It was wonderful. I was wined and dined and - well, you know! We even managed to fit a visit in to beautiful Conwy Castle, one of the huge castles built by the King of England, one of the Edwards, to secure Wales for England.
But unlike many of the books you've read, Wales was assimilated into the United Kingdom quite easily, it seems. After Llewellyn, the prince who married King John's illegitimate daughter, was put down, a very sad business.
The castle is a walled city as well, medieval stuff all over the place. And we visited an amazing house in Conwy, Plas Mawr, which was built by a merchant. It's been restored and preserved, and now walking through it is just like walking into the house of a prosperous merchant. Going back in time for real!
I've put a picture of one of the main bedrooms at Plas Mawr above, so you can see for yourselves!

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J L said...

What a great weekend! And nice that it was a surprise, too.

Speaking of Llewellyn, have you read the Sharon Kay Penman books? I remember reading that whole series about John and his daughter and Llewellyn. I thought they were great -- nothing like a nice, solid, substantial book to wile away an afternoon (well, there are other ways to wile, I guess, but a book is nice, too). (wink).