Sunday, October 29, 2006

Do you match your socks?

Here are the items in question.

Note that they are both from the Species Footwear, Genus Sock, subgenus Sport Sock.

Both are white, or were white in their initial incarnation before they clothed my little piggies and were worn around the house.

Both cover the foot.

But they are different. Not immensely so, but different. One has a little cuff and one doesn't. One is thicker than the other (problematic if I was wearing it to the gym, but in normal wear, probably not an issue).

So here's the question: do you pair these and wear 'em out in the Real World or would you wait until the missing Sock Spouse appeared from wherever it is that Sock Spouses go during their sojourn in the dryer?

I pair and wear. I figure, hey, they're both white. That's close enough for government work, right? I might draw the line at a white sport sock and a white bobby sock but even then I figure, "white. Who cares?"

How does this translate to writing, you ask?

So glad you asked.

Do you dot every 'i' and cross every 't' before you consider a book done? Do you agonize over GMC, do you feel concern if a scene isn't JUST RIGHT (although people are telling you, 'it's fine, get over it already, it's good'). Do you send a manuscript out thinking "IT'S DONE! Yea!" only to get it back with someone saying, "Um, why did she do that and he do that -- that makes no sense?" Do you then scream, calm down, and say, "hmm. I wonder if I need to ..."

What's your modus operandi when it comes to considering a mansucript Ready for Prime Time. Do you go by gut feeling or group concensus (did I spell that right? it looks wrong) or a wing and a prayer? Do you sort your socks precisely or do you figure, 'hey, close enough'?

See -- you wondered how I'd get around to socks again.


P.S. The offending socks in the above photo are even now on my tootsies. Close enough for government work.

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