Thursday, October 19, 2006

Time? What's Time? and Portable Books

I think I've lost track of time ....

I know how you feel, Judi. In the past 6 weeks, I've had something scheduled to do almost every night, and those nights that weren't scheduled, I had a crisis -- usually a car crisis (don't get me started). Reading has fallen by the wayside unless it's a magazine or two here and there.

However, I've found a marvelous time-saver. I don't carry books with me anymore -- at least not traditional books. I have 27 books loaded on my Palm Pilot (yep, I just checked).

I'm working my way through the Harry Bosch novels while I wait in line at the grocery store, wait for my car to be fixed, wait for the dentist, etc., etc. I LOVE IT -- I don't have to plan ahead, Harry Bosch is always with me, in my purse (and since I love Harry, it's a match made in heaven).

No more stuffing paperbacks into my bag, snatching a book as I leave the house -- I just open up my Palm, click a couple of icons, and I'm right back where I was when I left off. I can even highlight text, bookmark pages, etc., to revisit as CRAFT (yes, I'm thinking of craft as I read).

I love technology ... when it works. We'll get into the Saga of the Reformatted Computer another day.

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