Saturday, October 14, 2006

Squirrelly c.1928

There are squirrels on our property, cavorting across the property from pecan to pine to oak. It's a virtual supermarket, plus I like to watch them, so a cob of dried corn is pushed on a nail that sits on a board attached to a pecan tree. I have a desire to make a squirrel run on my property someplace, one of those strange contraptions that they have to learn to manulipate in order to get a treat.

And like them, I put things away. Either a paper copy or a computer copy. Why not? With the flash drives, it's possible to store gobs of information.

Lately, what I have been doing, is saving each days work with the date, so that I know where I was last. Each book has it's own folder in my computer, and don't laugh, I only figured out how to do that a few months ago.

As far as planning, I have a spreadsheet that I'm working on, it has the hero's journey, a storyboard - complete with the steps to intimacy, character sheets, plot, scene and sequel sheets, research, progress, edits (what to look for, etc.), tracking sheets, and all of this information has comments attached, so I can figure out exactly what I meant when I placed something pithy in a slot.

I like to plan, but sometimes the muse takes over and I fly into the mist.

I signed up for NaNoWriMo next month, I have a title and nothing else.


Yes, I am nutty.

Now you know the truth.

And the c.1928 is the year that word came into common usage, check your Webster's Ninth, every writer should have one.

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