Friday, December 08, 2006

Remembering the Blessings

Goodness, this week has been one for counting blessings. My car broke down and I had to plunk down my Christmas savings in order to get another one. For days, I was depressed because of the loss, lamenting about my new financial plight, how hard it is to live on disability as a single mother. But then I remembered the blessings within the situation: I am in a better situation financially than many other people in similar positions, that I was able to get financing for another car on my own and without a co-signer. Yeah, the next few months will be tight but I will be fine.

Then, five days later someone rear-ended my new car! Unbelievable! I could have spit nails.

Again I had to remember the blessings: Neither my daughter nor I were hurt, the accident wasn't my fault and the other driver's insurance will pay for the repairs, and compared to the other car, my damage was minor.

The next day my apartment was flooded when a pipe burst. Carpet was damaged and the smell was atrocious.

The blessings here? Well, let's see....

Since I live in an apartment I was able to call the maintenance crew, who called in plumbers. Even though I had to put up a big "stink" about how unsanitary the conditions were becoming while the problem was being investigated, the property manager finally saw the merits of putting us into a hotel for a few nights. When we returned the carpets had been replaced and the pipes repaired. Sure, my daughter and I have been displaced and inconvenienced, but we still have a home, heat on this cold night and food in the frig. I remember the Katrina victims who suffered so much worse and are still not home this holiday season.

On a daily basis, I remember to count my blessings.

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J L said...

You know, Maggie's right -- this kind of junk comes in 3, so you should be gold for months to come. But I'll bet you felt like you had a target on your back, didn't you? I remember something similar that happened to me -- it was an apartment fire, not the burst pipe, but the place was flooded, in July, in the middle of a heat wave. We had 24 hours to move because of mold. We'd lived in the city for about two weeks, and now had to find a new place with 3 cats and a garage full of items in storage (long long story about a cross-country move).

One thing I've learned is that there's almost always a good thing at the end of the bad things. Here's hoping good things come your way.