Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Holdiay music

My favorite holiday memories center on music.


Christmas carols were among the first songs I learned to sing well. Back in the day, my cousin Hunter who played the piano and sang by ear, would liven up every Christmas party with his beautiful holiday renditions.  I remember this one particular lady all of us neighborhood kids used to torment to sing Silent Night for us.  Ollie would sing for us every time.  We used to giggle at her high notes, but the thing we didn’t realize is that we were being soothed and transformed by her heartfelt music.


Later in life, as I had my own children to soothe, I sang a great deal. Christmas carols are my favorite music of all time, and there’s nothing I like better than singing “What Child is This?”  Even songs with challenging high parts, like “O Holy Night,” hold a special place in my heart. I remember dear Ollie and how she touched us with her music. 


I hope everyone is enjoying this holiday season. 


Until next week, Maggie

Maggie Toussaint   





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