Sunday, December 03, 2006

Hum along with me ... Count your blessings

I saw "White Christmas: The Musical" yesterday. Great play, great fun, especially when it snowed -- on the audience as well as the stage. Of course, when we walked outside it was 5 above zero with a wind chill below zero and it was snowing for real, but it just added to the ambiance (I have to say that. Even if I hated winter, it would be futile to gripe. I live in Minnesota. It's solid Real Winter here four months of the year and almost-winter two months of the year. A person has to suck it up and enjoy it, even if he/she doesn't. It comes with the zip code).

The major theme of the play/song/movie is "Count Your Blessings [Instead of Sheep]". That got me to thinking ...

Name ONE BLESSING that you feel has affected your life in a major way.

The dictionary defines blessing as "(1) short prayer for divine approval {not the kind I'm talking about, no offense} (2) a fortunate occurence". I'm talking about #2 -- something unplanned, out of your control, not designed, that you consider a blessing in your life.

I was going to ask you to name 5, but really, that's predictable, isn't it? ("My family, my kids, my faith, my ...") No, you've got to narrow it down.

Name that one Biggie.


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