Saturday, December 09, 2006


What a difficult topic.

After much thought, thank heavens I'm toward the latter part of the week, it finally came to me.

My daughter's cancer.

A blessing?

Yes, because it drew our family back together in a way I never thought possible. Having a large brood, everyone was involved with their own new families, and yet, when they found out that their sister was stricken, they banded together to give their support. It's been six years, and we're still a tight family.

It showed me that I can't control life. Sometimes you have to accept what is being dealt to you. Whether you like it or not.

Prayer does work.

Enjoy each and every might be your last.

Always, always tell those you love, those precious words, "I love you."

Be like a dog. Enthusiatic when someone you know walks in the door.

I couldn't write during that period of her treatment, and yes, she is well and cancer-free. But I did write an article as I waited for her chemo treatment.
You can read it here.

Yes, it was a blessing, as it made me a kinder, gentler person.

Well, almost.

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