Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Holiday Traditions

Nope, me neither.

Then again, there might be a few. We have a chicken, not a turkey because nobody likes chicken. We have one of my homemade spiced apple pies, not Christmas Pudding, because nobody likes Christmas Pudding. Brandy butter is horrid, so we have custard.

So you might call it anti-tradition. Instead of doing what we ought to do, we do what we want to do. And it works out really well.

So we get up when we want, eat around two thirty, don't turn on the Queen's Speech, watch "Casablanca" (at least I do, just because I love that film), drink, and eat some more. It's a nice day, and we discovered the best way to avoid family arguments and upset is to do what we want, and be nice to each other.

That count as a tradition?

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