Tuesday, November 21, 2006

There's an end....?

Responding to JL's question about a cut-off point, my answer is no. Once the floodgates opened, I can't see them closing. Plus, this is something I want. This is my passion.

I always knew it was, but unless, at least for me, it seemed like a pipe dream. You know, it's not practical. It doesn't earn money and it takes time from things that could. It would have taken time from my babies when I had them, and before that, my job(s). In short, I listened to those nay-sayers who said, "what makes you think anything you write would be market-worthy?"

Shame on me.

And, if the American Title finalist status has done anything, it's validated my (and my husband's belief) that what I write can be market-worthy.

But, would I have kept at it if I hadn't started finalling/winning contests? I'll have to say an emphatic YES. I'm at that age now where I don't care what other people think, when I realized that, hey, I'm an adult, I don't have to listen to other people and think their words are gospel. I can make up my own mind, etc. etc.

So I've thrown myself whole-heartedly into this and I'm aiming for an ISBN number with my name attached to it. Stop? Only if the ideas stop flowing, and, honestly, I can't see that happening any time soon. Matter of fact, I wish the CLOCK would stop flowing so I could get my stories on paper faster!

Life interferes with my writing, now, not the other way around. I make time for it. I have to make time for it - or it wakes me up. Seriously. Happened again last night. So, I got up, wrote it down, went back to sleep. It'll be another story someday. I don't know when, or in what order, but the idea's there - insurance, if you will, against the idea of stopping.

I'm glad JL that you beat your personal deadline, because if you had stopped, the public would be out some fabulous stories from a very talented person. :) Congrats to you, Maggie and Lynne for your recent publication news, and here's hoping Donna, Angela and I can join you guys soon!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

-Judi Fennell
American Title Finalist, Beauty and The Best
Voting ends Sunday, November 26, 2006, vote: webmaster@RomanticTimes.com

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