Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I found my face

Or, rather, I didn't find my face (which wasn't lost, actually) but the face I was looking for. I thought one actor might be good, typed in his name, another name came to mind, typed in that one, and voila, face. I used Google and just type "images name" and usually get a ton of pictures.

This is the first story where the hero won't really be a hero. I mean, this is one of my reincarnation ones, so I always have to write two stories. There's the first story, the one where the main characters initially meet. That's what I call deep back story. It never gets told per se but is woven into conversation, etc. when the Real Story starts.

The Real Story is the one we all see and read. It's the 'present day' one, where the h/h have been reborn and are now living their lives. That deep back story permeates their interactions, but it's not really PRESENT.

So I was having trouble because in the deep back story, the guy will be a hero but in the present day he'll be a villain. Or sort of a villain. So I need a scarred guy who could be a hero but also be a villain.

That's why it was so tricky. I mean, if I just wanted a pretty boy I'd go with Hugh Jackman or somebody like that. But I needed somebody with some miles on 'em.

We'll see if I nailed it or not if (1) the manuscript gets bought as I hope it will and (2) it gets written as I hope it will and (3) readers see what I see.

That's what this game is all about, isn't it? Putting it all together.

Back to devising my plot. Oh, boy, this one's a doozy.


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