Friday, November 24, 2006

Pen names

Why do it?

Well I write under two pen names and neither of them are trying to hide my identity!

So if you don't want to hide your name, why do it?

Because I write under two genres. After a bit of research, it became clear that people who bought my historical romances, didn't necessarily buy my paranormal romances. So it's to make clear which genre the book is.

Take WICKED INTENTIONS. By the title, it's not immediately obvious if it's a historical or a paranormal and the cover (which I love) is a woman in a bath, through a gauze filter. Still no wiser? Look at the name. It says "Lynne Martin." Now you know, it's a historical.

Using two names also means I can have two different identities, two different 'brands,' for want of a better word. So Lynne Martin is the historian, the woman intensely interested in history, the one who visits country homes and gives the occasional lecture. The one who writes passionate historical romances, well grounded in their period, and full of the adventure of the times.

Lynne Connolly writes paranormal romance. She researches old legends and folklore, and crafts them into a coherent modern world. She's a city girl, loves the dark recesses and secret places you find in all cities, however new. She enjoys travelling, so she can see the places and feel the atmospheres. Bustling cities are her home. her books use the places she's visited, and some of her life experiences to bring a realistic slant on the world we live in today.

And they're both me, both aspects of me. However, some of the fans of my paranormal romances hate history, can't understand the passion for it, and the historical fans can't stand vampires. So now they know which name belongs to them.

You've got to love a pen name!

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