Saturday, November 18, 2006

Oh, how cool!

That's the response I normally get when someone finds out that I'm a writer.

Plus, "Where can I buy it?"

Most people don't realize that just because a book is written, does not automatically mean that it will be in print. Or eprint. (Is that a word?)

When my book does come out in print or eprint (notice the positive vibes I give myself...'when'...not 'if'...when) it won't have my name on it.

Why you ask?

Er....take a look at the spelling of the last name. Most everyone cannot pronounce it, much less remember it to look for my name on the shelf, or even know enough of the letters to Google it.

So, back to my maiden name. Smith.

Yes, I went from one end of the spectrum to the other. But Smith it will be, and the first name is Zoe. It's enough like my childhood nickname that if anyone calls me by that, with my diminishing hearing, I'll look up thinking that someone I know is talking to me.

Writer's don't come out of the closet...they try to get their derriere off their computer chair. LOL

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