Saturday, November 25, 2006

Goals and Pen Names

My goal is to have a pen name!

If I followed JL's timeframe, I would have given up five or six years ago. Every now and then I wonder what the point is? The first time it happened, I was in my third day of a serious grumpiness.

The phone rang, my time-travel was a finalist in the Gotcha! contest. I'm sure that the coordinator was shocked when I started to cry on the phone. But, it was a validation that someone out there thought that my writing was good enough.

I know that I still have to learn craft, but now my time has come. No more daily job, the kid is in college, and the house is clean. I can now devote my spare time to seriously working on my writing skills.

Once while riding with some romance authors and one fan, don't ask why she was in the car, she said in all sincerity, "Why don't you use Fifi LaPlume?"

If I were drinking a coke at the time, it would have spewed all over the dashboard.

Fifi LaPlume!

I have a couple of pen names picked out, as my last name won't work. One is for the adult writing, and the other is for children's stories.

Fifi is not one of those names...LOL

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