Saturday, November 11, 2006

Pick a hunk!

Great topic!

I can write without a photo of my character, but when you have one, it makes characterization easier.

Check out this photo.

Be still my heart!

I haven't written his story yet. But I'm thinking that he's the one that rides the motorcycle.

Then there is this guy...

Enter Tom Selleck...yikers!

He's the basis for my hero in The Devil Has Dimples. I'm sure you can see why. Only I have him clean shaven. Just looking at his picture makes me happy.

On the heroine side, the photos are harder to come by, at least for me. It's hard to find a heroine's picture that matches the one in your head. However, this picture captivated me.

This is Valerie Quennessen, a French actress whose eyes are fantastic. I don't have a manuscript for her yet, but one will be coming.

I also purchased a copy of People's 20 Years of Sexiest Man Alive magazine, which has some fantastic pictures. The one of Michael Douglas in 1987 was great. His high forehead, dimpled chin, intense!

At my last RWA Chapter meeting, we had a speaker who brought a collage of her book, and once you saw the photos and the other elements that made her story work, you could see the importance of picking just the 'right' photo.

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J L said...

Check out the Vogue for Men, too. That has some of the tastiest men in the world on the pages. Also Esquire -- it's got some great models, too. I've bought both mags now and again, just to get the advertising!!