Sunday, November 19, 2006

Leaping into the unknown

So I just signed my second publishing contract. Talk about a leap into the unknown! In the last month I've signed 2 contracts and it looks like a publisher might also want a 3-book series.

I set a goal for myself when I started pursuing publication. I gave myself 10 years to get published. My 'expiration date' is 2013. Looks like I beat it and won't have to jerk myself off the shelf, so to speak.

Did you ever set a similar goal for yourself? Did you ever say, 'Hmm, if I haven't sold something by {insert date here} I probably won't and I should quit wasting time on this?' Or did you say, "okay, it looks like this ain't in the cards for me. I'll find something else more satisifying?"

I fully intended to Not Write For Publication if I couldn't get published by a certain date. And if it gets to the point this isn't fun any more, then I'll quit doing it and call it good -- hey, two or three books is good. I'm not aiming for the Pulitzer. I'm not aiming for Name Brand Recognition. I'm not going to quit my day job just because I've got a few books out.

So how about you -- what are your long-term goals? I'll share mine with you on Wednesday when it's my day to blog...


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