Saturday, September 30, 2006

Juggling = A Plan

Keeping all the balls in the air at the same time without one hitting the ground depends on a plan.

It sounds so easy that most people overlook it. Yet, those who do plan their work, and work their plan find out that they accomplish a great deal more.

In the homemaking department, better known as housework, I've been using a plan for years. I know that on the first of the month, all the fan blades will be cleaned, all those little light bulbs will be checked, and if burnt out, will be changed. That's also the day that I clean out a certain cupboard in my kitchen. It includes the coffeemaker, so on that day, I give it a cleaning as well. I don't overload myself with cleaning on a certain day, but by month's end, I know that every nook and cranny in the house has been, at least, looked at.

For my writing, I use a
spreadsheet to keep me on track. I have both Excel and MS Works versions, if you care to check one out. These are especially good if you need to know how many pages you need to write before a deadline.

For appointments, daily duties, etc., I use a day planner. AnyTime has been my victim of choice for the past five years. I find it works well, if I use it constructively. Meaning that I'm responsible for putting information in there!

I dare you to plan your day. See how much more you can accomplish. But, be sure to include time for yourself in there as well. As word artists, we also need to remind ourselves that the well does need to be replenished.

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