Saturday, January 06, 2007

The best thing I did in 2006

My family is large. Six kids, three kids-by-marriage, one girlfriend and twelve grandkids. Take my hubby and I, that's twenty-four.

Who would have thought...

But with this large group, we were missing important events, like birthdays. Now, I don't mean we forgot their birthday, but celebrating them as a group wasn't happening.

So, in September I had the bright idea of a monthly 'Birthday Bash.'

During the first one, Grey, a grandkid, asked me if we were going to do this every month, as his ninth birthday was in December. It touched my heart. So, I confirmed that there would be a 'bash' for his birthday.

I always cook, then we have the 'bash' after we gorge ourselves with food. One thing about living in Louisiana, every major event has to include great food. Each month the menu changes, with some of the daughters bringing dishes from their homes.

After chowing down, each 'birthday' person gets a small cake of their own. With one candle. We sing the famous song, they blow out the candles, and the gift opening begins, youngest to oldest.

Caroline turned two in November, and believes that every party is for her. So, in December, I purchased a cupcake 'cake' and took one of the small cupcakes and placed it on a plate with one candle, just for her. None of the other grandkids questioned why I did this for one, but not for all. They seemed to understand, without me explaining.

What makes this event stand out for 2006 is the response of the grandkids. Ethan, 12, told his mother that when he went to his friends birthday parties that the aunts and uncles were never there, and he thought that it was great that his aunts and uncles and cousins were there to celebrate birthdays.

Which brings me to the 'best thing I did in 2006'--bringing my family together to celebrate the entry of individuals into our family. How great is that!

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sean said...

Indeed a great thing...quiet affectionating....I really appreciate that. But for the teen as me its a totally different meaning of a good thing...See ever since my boyfriend moved to boston regarding some official reasons at aquabot I've been hanging out w/ my friends. I usually hang out w/ my guy friends who've I known for about 2 yrs. But I also do hang out with my girl friends. Sometimes I feel bad cuz I love my boyfriend deeply and I feel like he feels left out. Is this a bad thing or good thing?