Friday, January 05, 2007

Later 2006, Hello 2007!

2007 is around the corner! I can't believe how fast 2006 went by.

I thought I'd have my first WIP completed, but unfortunately I got stuck in the middle of the story and haven't made much progress in weeks. Ladies, I'm going to need you all to stay on my back to finish a manuscript. One of my critique pals and inspiration romance writer, Denise "Chicki" Jones, has inspired me to really sit down and set goals for the coming year. With goals written down and in my face to inspire me on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, I hope to make some inroads with my writing and submissions this year. So here they are:

1. Completing one or two full manuscripts,
2. Find an agent,
3. Study the romane publishing market, both in print and e-book,
Participate in writing contests,
5. Continue critiquing and learning from others,
6. Educate myself on marketing and promotional tactics,
7. Renew my membership to RWA and Virginia Writing Group,
8. Submit my finished manuscript to publishers, and
9. Buy a laptop or Alphasmart (Dana).

Looking at the goals in a list is daunting. But challenge is good! Facing any challenge requires the support friends, family, colleagues, and even intestinal fortitude (sounds yucky but you know what I mean.) I know the Mavens will be here to support me.

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